Datto Drive

Datto Drive is the first cost effective file sync and share platform for business, privately deployed and protected by the secure Datto Cloud. Enable Datto Drive in the secure Datto Cloud, or locally on Datto NAS 3 and SIRIS 3. Keep files and folders in sync across platforms, and share business files inside and outside of the organization. Whether in the office or on the road, collaborate with partners and employees anytime, anywhere, from any device to get business done, fast.

Datto Drive local
Modernize access, collaborate faster, and access files from anywhere all via a cloud protected file sync and share solution now available for free on the Datto NAS.

Daily backups
If something catastrophic occurs, rest easy knowing that a complete backup is available and can be restored to Datto Drive or Datto Drive local.

Account Impersonation
Properly authenticated admins can now log in and see what a customer is seeing and resolve customer issues faster.

Management Panel Improvements
Spend less time looking for and managing customers, and more time growing revenue opportunities with the newly updated management interface.

Usage Reporting
From uploads and downloads to logins and failed authentication attempts, every activity on Datto Drive is logged and visible to admins in this easy to use interface.

Modern Collaboration
• Datto Drive delivers a modern collaboration experience with native mobile apps, Windows, Mac and Linux sync clients, and web browsers so that access never gets in the way of business.

Lightweight File backup
• Datto Drive is a private and secure file sync and share system that provides file backups, allowing users to work across devices from anywhere, at any time, and have a copy available.

Ransomware Recovery
• Datto Drive is the only platform that natively protects against ransomware through complete file and configuration backups of all Datto Drive. When an attack occurs, simply roll back and it is like it never happened.

Large file transfer
• Files keep getting bigger, making them harder to share in email or traditional methods. Datto Drive share links solve your large file transfer problem easily and securely

For the first year, Datto Drive is free* for any business, and includes:
• 1 TB Storage
• Unlimited users
• Sync Clients
• Mobile Apps
• 7 day once daily backup
• Free*

Customers must upgrade at the end of the year to one of the following offerings:


1 Organization 1 Organization 1 Organization 1 Organization
1TB of Storage 5 TB of Storage 10 TB of Storage 20 TB of Storage
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Sync Clients Sync Clients Sync Clients Sync Clients
Mobile Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Apps Mobile Apps
Straight to
Tech Support
Straight to
Tech Support
Straight to
Tech Support
Straight to
Tech Support
Geo Redundancy Geo Redundancy Geo Redundancy
Custom Theme Custom Theme
Custom Domain Custom Domain


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